Computer Diagnostics

Clearview Auto has the very latest, state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to solve your computer related problems. Some computer related symptoms include:

1. Check engine light or service engine soon light
2. Drivability problems such as surging or loss of power
3. Electronic body controls
4. Poor gas mileage and more

Sometimes intermittent computer problems can be more difficult to solve. We work with computer and electronic systems every day and are very knowledgeable and well qualified to solve your most difficult computer or electronic problems. We all take great pride at Clearview Auto in providing a quality service to our customers.

A full computer diagnostic check includes Engine and Ignition Performance, Fuel and Injector Systems, Computer Systems, and calibrations. We are very thorough and precise. And before any work is done, we will call you with an estimate.

Today’s Technology – Domestic & Foreign
Clearview Auto is a state-of-the-art high tech repair shop that strives to stay current with today’s technology.

We have the same computers that GM and Ford use which means we have the capability of “talking” to every system on GM and Ford cars and trucks.

We also have the capability of updating computers and re-flashing or reprogramming the GM and Ford computers.

We also have computers that “talk” to most systems on most foreign and domestic vehicles. We are well trained to solve your computer and electronic problems.

Bring your car to Clearview Auto for a complete bumper to bumper professional repair.